Mystery Coffee Your virtual coffee break while working from home

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Customized matchmaking for more than 100,000 users worldwide.

How it works

1. Registration

Sign up for free with the email address of your organization.

2. Matching

We randomly draw a new partner from your organization every Monday.
You get 10 matches with colleagues from your organization.

3. Mystery Coffee

You meet for a 15 minutes Mystery Coffee via video call (e.g., MS Teams).

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Anyone who wants to expand their network inside or outside their organization can sign up.

Within your own organization, up to 10 matches are possible. After that you get matches with participants from other organizations.

Participation in Mystery Coffee is free of charge! We want to make your day-to-day work experience more social and diverse. If you would like to have a personalized version of Mystery Coffee for your organisation, please contact us.

We match every week on Mondays. Whether you are included or not depends on the participation frequency and other settings you chose when you signed up.

You and your partner will receive an email. Please find a suitable date and time for the virtual coffee within the next days. For easier scheduling feel free to use Calendly.

Yes – you can simply type a link with the format into your browser's address bar and register there. You may choose any code you like. Share the link with your target group – all participants who register using that link will be matched with each other.

Simply click here and enter your email address. We will then send you a link to your personal profile where you can unregister.

Yes, special offers are possible. Please contact

Mystery Coffee is used by companies from a wide range of industries and countries. You can find many testimonials under #mysterycoffee on LinkedIn.


You can always reach us via email: