Mystery Coffee

Your virtual coffee break
while working from home

What is Mystery Coffee?

Due to the current situation many governments and their health professionals have initialized measures such as working from home. While social distancing and lockdown measures decrease the spread of this virus, it affects individuals' social life immensely.

This is why we offer Mystery Coffee for free – a great way to meet new colleagues in your own virtual break room, playfully expand your network while creating variety in everyday life of your home office.

Simply register and we will periodically select colleagues from your company who you do not know yet. No password is required.

This means that you still have the opportunity at home to expand your network within the company and look beyond the confines of your home office. To ensure that personal exchange also continues virtually.

1. Registration

To sign up for free, use your company email address. From the domain, we recognize your company automatically. Your data will only be used for matching you and for sending the invitation emails.

2. Matching

We randomly draw a new partner from your company every Monday. You will both receive an e-mail with your contact details, details of the partner and a few questions for a pleasant start to the conversation.

3. Mystery Coffee

You meet for 15 minutes at a suitable time via the video conferencing system used in your company, e.g., Skype, Zoom, or WebEx. This is a virtual meeting where you can get to know each other and exchange professional and private topics.

Mystery Coffee for your company

Do you want to use Mystery Coffee in your own company? Learn more about our great customizable versions!

(Including participation statistics, corporate design, texts, locations, business units and other specific matching criteria, etc…)

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Sign up

Here you can register as a participant for free.

Data protection is important for us! Your data will only be used for matching and sending the invitation texts. We do not sell your data to third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time: Your data will then be deleted immediately.


Who can register for Mystery Coffee?

Anyone who works in a company and has to work from home can sign-up.

Do I need to set a password for the login?

No, that is not necessary. You complete the login by clicking a confirmation link in an email that we send you.

How much is Mystery Coffee?

The participation in Mystery Coffee is free of charge! In these challenging times, we want to make your day to day home office experience more social and diverse. If you would like to have a personalized version of Mystery Coffee for your company, please contact .

Do I have to register with my company email address?

Yes, please. This enables us to match you with colleagues from your company. Please note, you cannot sign-up with your private email address.

Does my employer have to agree?

We want to make the daily life while working from home more pleasant and human. Thereby we improve business communication. In addition, many employees are already using their business email for subscriptions to newsletter, portals and software tools. If you are not sure, ask your boss.

Can I also meet people from other companies?

Yes, if you work in a very small company or want to meet new people from different organisations, you can select cross-company matching in the registration form.

Is my data safe?

Your data is stored on a secure server in an ISO-certified data center in Germany. Processing takes place within the framework of data protection law (GDPR-Regulation). The data will not be evaluated for any other purpose.

When do I receive the invitation?

We match you every week for a Mystery Coffee. You will receive the invitation next Monday.

How does the scheduling of the meeting work?

You and your partner will receive an email. Please find a suitable date and time for the virtual coffee within the next days. You are both jointly responsible for organizing the meeting.

Which video conferencing system should we use?

It is best to use your company's video conferencing solution, such as Teams, Zoom, or WebEx. Alternatively, you can use your private Skype or WhatsApp for the video call.

Do I have to drink coffee for Mystery Coffee?

No - you can prepare any hot or cold drink for the meeting. Please be careful not to spill your cup over the keyboard out of sheer amazement, as the developer of this site did...

Can I participante in Mystery Coffee with my community, like my co-working space, network or association?

Yes – you can simply type a link with the format into your browser's address bar and register there. You may choose any code you like. Share the link with your target group – all participants who register using that link will be matched with each other.

How can I unregister from Mystery Coffee?

Simply click on My settings and enter your email address. We will then send you a link to your personal settings where you can unregister.

What is different in a personalized version of Mystery Coffee?

A personalized version of Mystery Coffee can be customized specifically to address the needs and goals of your company. Apart from your own corporate design we implement specific rules for the matching in order to improve the flow of communication among your workforce. For example, you may want to use organizational hierarchies, job tenure or thematic questions for the matching. Feel free to contact us for a personal webinar!

About us

We are Mystery Minds, a start-up from Munich and Vienna. Our mission is to humanize the digital world. For this purpose, we have developed innovative match-making tools that are already used over 100 companies in more than 40 countries.

If you want to learn more about our solutions, we would be happy to hear from you.


You can always reach us via email:

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